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Tools, new developments Sales partner
Medical Sales partner
Electricity and gas contracts Commercial Agent
Municipal products and EVU Commercial Agent
Meat substitute Vegan Sales partner
Seo Sales partner
Private property Sales partner
Gift items, household goods Commercial Agent
Natural cosmetics Skin Care Commercial Agent
American high-performance lubricants, oils, greases Commercial Agent
vehicle cleaning products, disinfectants, truck cleaners, workshop products, Commercial Agent
Accessories Commercial Agent
Media Sales partner
Weim, Sparkling wine and Spirits Sales partner
Food/confectionery Commercial Agent
Agriculture, Construction, others Sales partner
Dietary supplements/cannabis Sales partner
Security - Alarm analages Sales partner
Interior doors Sales partner
Pineal wood room ventilation systems Sales partner
Food supplements Sales partner
Soil improver, substrate activator Commercial Agent
Grounds Sales partner
Orthopedic sleep system Sales partner
FeverGate / Automatic Intelligent Fever Meter Commercial Agent
Cosmetic products for hairdressers Commercial Agent
Luxury goods Commercial Agent
Stem cell activation Sales partner
Consumer goods Sales partner
Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering Commercial Agent
Medical Commercial Agent
Beeswax cloths, bags Commercial Agent
Green electricity and climate-neutral gas Sales representative
Recruiting Sales partner
Food Sales partner
Kitchen Commercial Agent
Hand knitted wool Commercial Agent
Electronic components Sales partner
Water and heating piping systems Sales partner
Commercial vehicle electrics / - electronics Commercial Agent
Electritonics Online sales
CBD Products Commercial Agent
Handbags, accessories, gift items Commercial Agent
Products for cheese making and industry Sales partner
Humane Machine Interface, Man Machine Interfaces Commercial Agent
Logistics-fulfillment/e-commerce Commercial Agent
Biological weedagent Sales representative
Dental medical devices Commercial Agent
Food from hemp Commercial Agent
Mass production Commercial Agent
Glasses Commercial Agent
Military equipment, shooting requirements, weapons accessories Commercial Agent
Non-food products Sales partner
Hygiene Sales partner
Hygiene Sales partner
Protection from electro smog Sales partner
machines, machine tools, punching/forming technology, Commercial Agent
Software and IT Sales partner
Fever screening / automated fever detection / disinfection Sales partner
Perfume Label Online sales
Measuring control technology for mechanical and plant engineering Commercial Agent
Disinfectants, detergents Sales partner
Aroma Care Products, essential Oil Commercial Agent
Powder coating devices Commercial Agent
Precious metals Sales partner
Software Sales partner
Waste Commercial Agent
Outdoor product Sales partner
Construction Workshop Trade Sales representative
LED Lighting for Commercial Vehicles Commercial Agent
Brand new cosmetics brand with potential Commercial Agent
Software Sales partner
Patented NFC Memory Card Set Commercial Agent
Precision tube sections aluminium, steel, stainless steel Commercial Agent
High-gloss, UV-painted MDF and chipboard Commercial Agent
Led lighting Commercial Agent
Bikes, Sportmoode, Sports Shoes, Rucksecke, Glasses, Helmets Commercial Agent
Beauty bodyforming permanent depilatory Sales representative
Perfume toiletries Sales partner
Massive construction Sales partner

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