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Private label products for hairdressers

We would like to win YOU as a free sales agent for ZIP areas 7, 8, 9 but also nationwide.
Our family-run trade agency sells hairdressing supplies exclusively to specialist retailers.

In addition to the sale of our distribution brands, your tasks include the sale of personalized care and styling products for the hairdresser.

This means a high degree of standalone and expertise. Customer loyalty is usually long-standing and guarantees recurring commissions.

We offer you: High-quality product range with clear unique selling points
-free trade representation throughout Germany (but for individual brands, regional)
Customer protection is a matter of course
-Complete product equipment and sales documents.
Lucrative commission and bonuses.
-Short and fast decision-making channels, open lines of communication.
-after taking over an existing customer base.

Chieming Germany / 83

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